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Arts Culture & Heritage

  1. Add an Event to a Calendar

    This form allows people to submit their event to be included on the Arts & Event calendar or the Downtown Plano Arts District calendar. More…

  2. Urban Playground Partner Application
  1. Contact Us

City Manager -Ask a Question

  1. Ask a Question

    Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, the City Council, and City Manager Bruce Glasscock want to hear your questions regarding the City of Plano. ... More…

Connect 4 Health

  1. Connect 4 Health Suggestion Box

    Do you have an idea or feedback that you would like the Connect 4 Health Team to know? Use the form below and pick one of the... More…


  1. Adult Book/CD/DVD Review Form

    The form used by our PlanoReads blog for adults to submit reviews.

  2. Ask a Librarian

    Ask a Reference Librarian Ask a Librarian provides short factual answers to reference questions that do not require extensive research. More…

  3. Book a Librarian

    Book one-on-one time with a librarian to get help with your information needs.

  4. Kids Book/CD/DVD Review Form

    The form used by our KidsBRAIN blog for kids to submit reviews.

  5. Photograph Authorized Use - Genealogy

    Use this form when requesting images/documents from the Wells Collection, Genealogy Department Collection or the Collin County... More…

  6. Teen Book/CD/DVD Review Form

    The form used by our Plano Teens Connect blog for teens to submit reviews.

  1. Ask a Genealogy Librarian
  2. Book a Genealogy Librarian

    Book one-on-one time with a genealogy librarian to get help with your genealogy research.

  3. Genealogy Interlibrary Loan

    For requesting Microfilm for genealogy and genealogy books via interlibrary loan

  4. Outreach / Presentation Request

    Plano Public Library offers classes and services which can include: Career Development, Early Learning, STEAM (Science, Technology,... More…

  5. Suggest An Item For Purchase

    Send us information on books, movies, music and audiobooks you think we should add to our collection. Maximum of two suggestions per... More…

  6. Why I Love My Library - Share Your Story

Neighborhood Services

  1. Love Where You Live Project Adoption

    Allows volunteer to reserve projects ahead of our project adoption meeting.

  1. Neighborhood Resource Map Registration Form

    Register your Homeowner's Association, Neighborhood Association, or Crime Watch Group with the City of Plano. The information provided... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Athletic Reservation Request Form
  2. Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center Rental Request for Proposal
  3. Pavilion Reservation Request Form

    You will be contacted during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Reservations are not confirmed until payment is made.

  4. Special Event Permit Final Application
  5. Standards of Care Public Comments

    Please feel free to submit comments about Plano Parks and Recreation Standards of Care for programs for children under 14 years of age.

  1. Internal Reservation Request for Oak Point Park Nature & Retreat Center
  2. Online Testimonial Form

    How has Plano Parks and Recreation impacted your life? Tell us your story!

  3. Plano Parks and Recreation Instructor Application Form
  4. Special Events - Preliminary Application

Plano Stages

  1. Availability Request Form: Courtyard Theater/Cox Playhouse

    Request for available rental dates for the Courtyard Theater or Cox Playhouse

  2. Dickens in Downtown Plano Vendor Application
  3. Haunt Jaunt 5K & Fun Run Vendor Application
  4. McCall Plaza Artist Inquiries

    Interested in performing on McCall Plaza during Plano Stages "Live and Local" Series?! Submit your bands information for consideration... More…

  5. Plano Stages Client Experience Survey

    Tell us about your experiences with your recent event with Plano Stages!

  6. Recreation Employee Award Nominations

    Use this form to fill out a nomination for an individual to win an annual PARD Recreation Division award. Make sure to be detailed... More…

  7. Request for Proposal Courtyard Theater

    Request for a quote proposal for the fees associated with renting the Courtyard Theater.

  8. Request for Proposal McCall Plaza

    Request for a quote proposal for the fees associated with renting McCall Plaza.

  1. Courtyard Texas Music Series 2016 New Season Ticket Wait List

    New season ticket purchases will be open beginning early this Spring. Sign up here to claim your spot in line!

  2. Gallery @ Courtyard Artist Application

    Application to hold an exhibit at the Gallery @ Courtyard

  3. Manager-on-Duty Report
  4. Plano Christmas Market Booth Application
  5. Plano Stages Newsletter
  6. Request for Proposal Amphitheater at Oak Point Park

    Request for a quote proposal for the fees associated with renting the Amphitheater at Oak Point Park.

  7. Request for Proposal Cox Playhouse

    Request for a quote proposal for the fees associated with renting the Cox Playhouse

Police Department

  1. Alarm - Cancel a Permit
  2. Alarm - Transfer a Permit
  3. Community Camera Program

    Information gathered from this form will be used to compile a list of privately owned security cameras within the City of Plano. Any... More…

  4. Contact Us

    Enter your comments, suggestions, or concerns to the Plano Police Department in the space provided below. The Plano Police Department... More…

  5. Neighborhood Crime Watch Program
  6. Solicitor Complaint
  7. Taxicab & Limousine - Contact Us
  8. Training Registration
  1. Alarm - Contact Us
  2. Citizens Police Academy Application
  3. Compliment an Employee

    If a Plano Police Department employee has done a good job and you want to say 'thanks' you can call or visit the Police Department... More…

  4. Employment - Submit Name
  5. Open Records Request
  6. Solicitor Permit - Contact Us
  7. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Please let us know if you have a specific traffic related problem in your area that you feel needs attention by filling out the... More…

Public Safety Communications (9-1-1)

  1. Multi-Family Emergency Contact and Response Form
  1. Public Safety Communications (Plano 911) Online Feedback Form

    We welcome your comments, commendations, complaints and suggestions. Your submittal will go directly to the Communications Manager. More…

Public Works

  1. Adopt-A-Highway Reporting Form
  2. Consultant Selection Form
  3. On Call Collection Feedback Form
  1. Construction Survey
  2. Landscaping Water Variance Request

    During Water Restrictions, a variance is required if you need to water your lawn/landscaping more than the allowable amount.

  3. Request Household Chemical Collection

Sustainability and Environmental Services

  1. Community Cleanup Online Registration Form
  2. Environmental Community Awards - Interest Form
  3. Plano Community Garden Group Request Form

    A minimum of 25 volunteers (50 maximum) is required to request a group date at the Plano Community Garden. All efforts will be made to... More…

  4. Water Wise Landscape Tour Interest Form
  1. Community Cleanup Trailer Online Registration Form

    Use this form to reserve the Community Cleanup Trailer. There is a minimum group size of 25 volunteers required to reserve the... More…

  2. Environmental Education Center Garden Group Request Form
  3. Storm Drain Marking Registration Form

    Labeling storm drains is an opportunity for community members to create awareness about storm water pollution and the importance of... More…

  4. Zero Waste Event Details Form

    Zero Waste Event Details Form: Please provide us with the following information about your event. We will contact you within five... More…