Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Department develops strategies and tools for strengthening Plano‚Äôs neighborhoods and addressing issues related to the maturing of our community. Through the work of three divisions, BEST Neighborhoods, Housing and Community Services, and Property Standards, our department works cooperatively to connect community needs with community resources in order to foster the most desirable neighborhoods in the nation. 

Each of our programs are based in one of the four service pillars utilized to achieve our mission. 

Four E's 1
  1. Turn Your Neighborhood Into a BEST Neighborhood

    We have great neighborhoods in Plano that make our city an ideal place to live, work, and play. Read on...
  2. Give Back in Your Neighborhood Through Volunteering!

    Looking to volunteer in your community? The Neighborhood Services Department has a couple of ways to help you get involved. Read on...
  3. Get Tips on Property Maintenance

    Need a little help learning the basics of home and property maintenance? Join the Property Standards team for a free workshop on Saturday, Sept. 16. Read on...
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                                        Neighborhood Services Department
                        Connecting Community Needs with Community Resources
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