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#2: What should you do when you see a bobcat or a discarded bike?

Steve and Shannah are back with February’s edition of #InsidePlano, the City Podcast. They explore the many updates to Plano’s Parks and Recreation offerings. Steve reveals the first three acts hitting the state for the Courtyard Texas Music Series while Shannah makes plans for Book-in-Common 2018. Rental bikes have arrived in Plano, and the team talks about Plano’s plans to manage bike share. Animal Department director Jamey Cantrell joins the show to talk about urban wildlife – including Plano’s well-known bobcat population – now that breeding season is underway – and how you can protect yourself and your property. This month the team explains how to get the 4-1-1 on construction projects and lost pets. Of course, they take a moment to drool over the latest food trend in Plano.

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WHAT’S NEW: February
Courtyard Texas Music Series
Oak Point Recreation Center
Plano Parks and Recreation Facebook
Plano Public Library Facebook
City Council Agendas
City of Plano Twitter

BEHIND THE SCENES: Plano Animal Services with Jamey Cantrell
Plano Animal Services
Urban Wildlife
Lost Pets Map
Pet Registration

THOSE OTHER THINGS: Construction Information and Donuts
Current Projects Map (Community Investment Program)
Recent Development & Zoning Map
Restaurant Scores